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Build 9 March 12th, 2024 - Controller detection. Changes controls depending on controller type. Currently only detects a few controllers. - Doors now open and close automatically when walking through them. - Rewrote dialog system again. - Fixed a multitude of bugs caused by the back idle animation not being set to loop. - Bed interaction. - Shadow fixes - Minor collision fixes. - Sprite malformities fixed. - Menu fixes Build 8 March 9th, 2024 - Big Honkin update - Art cleanup. Trying a new colorscheme for player and world. - Huge code cleanup. Rewriting old code and simplifying things. - Reduced file size. - Added an indicator for when the player is near an interactable object. - The sign is working!! This is the first step in a working dialogue system. Build 7 March 8th, 2024 Minor update - Added sub-menus (the code is scary on this one) - Minor menu fixes - Minor sound effect update - Sign is still broken. Build 6 February 22nd, 2024 This update is like the last one but even moreso. More work on UI and a ton of work on the main menu. Still avoiding working on the gameplay. But at this point I'm hoping development starts moving there next. - UI update. - Added fun colorschemes. - Added full controller support. - Removed full keyboard/mouse support. - Added Options menu. - Prototype sliding pause menu. - Sign is still broken. Build 5 February 19th, 2024 This update is mainly focused on presentation and reworking the structure of the engine. I want to make everything clean and bug-free to build a solid foundation in order to avoid headaches in the future; so a lot of the work in this update is behind the scenes. Overall very happy about this update. - Rewrote and restructured the whole gosh dang project but I'm so good you can't even tell. - Added Main Menu. - Updated controls. - Added Resting action and animation. - Y-Sort!!! Standing behind ysorted objects (trees,rocks) hides the player. - Broke the sign. Build 4 February 11th, 2024 Build 3 Build 1 June 15th, 2023